22 Feb 2012

A Sunday Walk By The Sea

An Everytrail map and some photos from a Sunday afternoon stroll by the sea from Meon beach to Chilling, Brownwich and back again. The birds in the photo were migrating geese who seemed to have decided to meet in
21 Feb 2012

Don’t Listen To The Weight Loss Statisticians

A friend posted a link on Facebook to an article from the Guardian – Why the weight is so hard to shift: guidelines have been wrong all along. I read it and played with the linked “online
31 Jan 2012

Photo: Snapped on a recent walk

This photo is a great combination of good subject and interesting light. It’s unusual to find such a varied collection of trees, together in this sort of arable setting. It’s more usual to find a stand or line of trees of
30 Jan 2012

Sports Tech : Adidas Adizero Mana 5

Welcome to the first of my posts in which I’m going to talk about some of my favourite sports technology. For me sports tech is anything that I use for running, cycling, walking and any other type of
29 Jan 2012

Why ‘The Relentless Geek’?

Where did the name of this blog come from? I’ve almost forgotten where I used the name initially, but I’m pretty sure it started with this blog. And now it’s a username/tag/ID that I use all over
28 Jan 2012

My First Timelapse Experiment

This is my first go at a timelapse video. I have to admit that I didn’t take much care over the choice of subject. I was more interested in testing the technology. Quite by chance the shadow
27 Jan 2012

Getting Going In 2012

A New Year. A new beginning. Or so they say. Having managed my new trick of adding 2 or 3kg over the Christmas break, it’s obviously time for action. I suppose I could be more careful over
15 Jan 2012

First Cycle Ride Of 2012

A couple of photos of low-in-the-sky wintery sunshine from my first cycle ride of 2012. These were taken from the car park in front of the Rising Sun pub in Warsash looking across the River Hamble. This
29 Dec 2011

Boxing Day Walk 2011

A few snaps from our 8.5-mile Boxing Day walk. It was kind of overcast when we set out. In fact, as you can see from one of the photos there were some pretty threatening clouds around. But
29 Jul 2011

Under 40 Minutes

Finally, finally, finally. Completed my run to work in under 40 minutes today.