17 Apr 2014

Life-Fitness Lessons: If something isn’t working change it

This is slightly contrary to my┬áBe Relentless mantra, but there has to come a point where you realise that something’s not working. What it’s then tempting to do is give up. But why not just change something?
7 Apr 2014

Five Years Of Fitness

Yesterday, the 6th April, was my fifth anniversary. It was on the 6th April 2009 that I took delivery of shiny new Reebok exercise bike from Argos. At the time I was reaching the end of my
17 Jan 2014

Review of 2013

So, that’s another year over. With Xmas & New Year celebrations done it’s time to look at how 2013 went from a health & fitness perspective. And, as it happens, it was a pretty good year. The
21 Feb 2012

Don’t Listen To The Weight Loss Statisticians

A friend posted a link on Facebook to an article from the Guardian – Why the weight is so hard to shift: guidelines have been wrong all along. I read it and played with the linked “online
27 Jan 2012

Getting Going In 2012

A New Year. A new beginning. Or so they say. Having managed my new trick of adding 2 or 3kg over the Christmas break, it’s obviously time for action. I suppose I could be more careful over
28 Jul 2011

Targets for July

I set myself some fitness targets at the start of July. They were to walk 100 miles or more to run 20 miles or more to burn 20,000 kcal during workouts to lose weight to get back
20 Jun 2011

Flatlined. Need Inspiration.

It seems my weight loss has got a little stuck. I had my usual, and accepted, blip for Xmas. It was hard work, but I managed to put on a couple of kilos (Well, tough job, but