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Anyway, back to my story. I woke up one day to find I was in my late forties and the wrong side of 18-stone. With the help of a Reebok exercise bike and frequent walking commutes (a 9 or 10 mile round trip) I started to lose the weight.

Added some cycling commutes and rides on my old mountain bike and stepped up the walking (excuse the pun). Ten, fifteen and even twenty mile Saturday morning strolls became the norm.

The mountain bike was ditched for a road bike in 2011 and the walking led to occasional running. The original exercise bike finally expired after 4500 miles and has now been replaced by a newer model.

2013 saw a big step up in cycling miles – over 2600 in the end. That was more than previous 3 years added together. Rewarded myself at 2000 miles with a new road bike.

So, five years down the line I’m road biking, running & walking regularly and still using the exercise bike for those really cr*ppy weather days. Best of all, In total I’ve covered nearly 12,000 miles (I’m a sad geek, I keep spreadsheets of these things!) I’m 30kg lighter and my resting HR is about 20bpm lower than it was.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good…