Life-Fitness Lessons: If something isn’t working change it

This is slightly contrary to my Be Relentless mantra, but there has to come a point where you realise that something’s not working. What it’s then tempting to do is give up. But why not just change something? The change can be small or big, but try something else. I’ve seen this time and again in exercise and in life in general – “I tried that, but it didn’t work”.

People who try running – “It made my knee hurt, so I gave up.” Did you look at your running technique? Consider different shoes? Were you trying to go too far or too fast?

Losing weight – “I’ve tried, but I just keep putting it back on.” Have you really analysed what your eating and the exercise you’re doing? Losing weight over the long term requires a change in lifestyle. It has to be something you can sustain. So keep changing things until you arrive at the balance that’s right for you and that you can live with. If you cut out everything you like and try and exist on salad and fish it’s likely you’ll fail. Keep changing and adapting.

Working out – “I try and workout every night, but sometimes I’m just so tired.” Is that the right time of day for you? Have you though about doing it in the morning? Or going to a gym in your lunchbreak?

There is a quote commonly attributed to Einstein although it is unlikely that he ever said it…

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Whoever it was that said it, they were right. If you are training a certain way and not achieving your goal, whether that be weight loss, more speed or longer distance then try something else. Do some research on the internet. It’s likely that someone else will have been down the same path. Look hard at what you’re doing and think “Would it be better if I did it differently?”

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