Google+ Cycling UK Community Ride – April 2014 – Dave Holmes Ride Report (Part 2)

Those who read Part 1 (and if you haven’t then I thoroughly recommend that you read it now) will recall that half man, half bike* Dave Holmes had left London pre-dawn and had arrived in the New Forest to start the G+ Cycling UK Community Ride. In the second part of what we’ve been promised will be a trilogy we find out about the community ride itself.

For The Wettest Time [G+ Community Ride 2 pt2]

Another great read! This really took me right back to the day itself. The description of Blissford Hill is spot on. My own comment at the time was far less eloquent and was along the lines of “Holy sh*t!”

Hopefully, we’ll get to read part 3 soon.

* apologies for ‘borrowing’ the title of William Fotheringham’s excellent biography of Eddie Merckx, but Dave is worthy of the description

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