Google+ Cycling UK Community Ride – April 2014 – Dave Holmes Ride Report (Part 1)

April 5th saw a gathering in the Lyndhurst of folks from the Google+ “Cycling UK” Community for a group ride around the New Forest. This was the second such community ride. I was unfortunately unable to make it to the first one.

Cycling - New Forest Community RideThe plan (expertly put together by Karl Roche) was for a 60-mile ride around the New Forest including a lunch stop in Burley. This was to be my longest ride ever, my first proper group ride and the first time I’d met any of the G+ Cycling UK people in real life. I will be writing about my experience sometime soon.

Cycling Like A Boss

But, before that, I just had to share the first part of the ride report by Dave Holmes. Not content with the ride itself, Dave, whose superpower seems to be riding a bike, decided to construct an epic day’s cycling. Here is the first part of Dave’s ride report. Here we find our hero leaving London before dawn…

For The Wettest Time [G+ Community Ride 2 pt1]

I can’t wait for part 2…


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