Review of 2013

So, that’s another year over. With Xmas & New Year celebrations done it’s time to look at how 2013 went from a health & fitness perspective. And, as it happens, it was a pretty good year.

The Year Of The Bike

In the simplest terms, 2103 was my Year of the Bike. Everything cycling really clicked into place. I bought the road bike in 2011 and got a fair few miles in, but 2011 was a year of walking (936 miles) and I kind of got into running in 2012 (170 miles plus another 550 miles of walking). My cycling miles had been in the low hundreds for those two years. So I set myself a target of 1000 miles for 2013. To help motivate me I joined Phill Connell’s 12×100 Cycling Challenge. A great way to get a bit of peer pressure and connect with some like minded people. It’s a simple idea – cycle 100 miles every month. Using my mathematical skills I figured this would be 1200 miles (all that education wasn’t wasted!) and that would take care of my 1000 mile target. We’ll find out how well I did in a bit.


First, what were the highlights of 2013?

  • My first 30-mile ride. Cracked the 30-mile barrier at the start of June.
  • My first 40-mile ride. A couple of months later, at the beginning of August, I made it to 40 miles.
  • I had a series of ‘best months ever’ for cycling miles. Before last year my best ever monthly total for cycling miles had been 155 in May 2010. I broke that twice in 2013 before cracking 200 miles (actually 285) in May, 300 (322) in June and 400 (just managed it with 401 miles) in August.
  • I lost just over 8kg. Not quite on a par with 2009 & 2010 when I lost 22kg & 11kg respectively, but pretty good. It seems cycling is definitely good for weight loss!
  • My highest total miles & calories (for cycling, walking & running). Managed a total of 3462 miles and 253773 kcal which beat previous records
  • A new bike

My Cycling Targets

As I mentioned above I set myself a target of 1000 miles for the year. I’d managed a few hundred in previous years without really having a goal so 1000 miles seemed reasonable. Luckily, January wasn’t too bad weatherwise so I managed a good start. The canny reader will have added up the monthly totals I mentioned above and guessed that I hit my target. In fact I went way beyond. The final total for 2013 was 2704 miles. I was so pleased with myself that at 2000 miles I rewarded myself with a new bike.


OK, now to tackle 2014…


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