Sports Tech: Clarks Road Brake Pads


Time for some new brakes for Lightning. Having mudguarded & winter tyred the Allez, I’ve been doing more than my normal amount of wet miles. This has highlighted just how worn the brakes had become.

So it was off to the Internet to find some replacement blocks. I read a few online reviews and ended up with the Clarks. A few reviews said they wore quickly (others contradicted this), but they came with a spare set of blocks and were reasonably priced so decided to give them a try. Chain Reaction had them for half the price that Wiggle wanted so they got the order. Strangely they disagreed on the RRP on the two websites so one of them seem to have mucked up their pricing.

So a couple of days later they arrived. I’d realised just after placing the order that I’d forgotten how many wheels my bike has. Doh! Maybe it was the fact they came with spare block inserts, but since postage was free thought I’d let the single pair arrive and then see what I thought about them before ordering a second pair. Fitted the first set to the rear and after a couple of rides had no hesitation ordering a second pair.

Braking is much better than  the stock Shimano pads I’d put on before. Certainly smoother and more progressive and a lot quieter. Maybe that will change over time, we’ll see. Just remains to see how long they last, but for £15 – £20 they’re not exactly expensive to replace and I still have 2 spare sets of blocks to go yet.

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