Sports Tech: New road bike – the carbon beast

Well, the Allez (aka Lightning) has done a fantastic job. She was my first taste of road biking since my old Claud Butler ‘racer’ back in my teens. Around 3500 enjoyable, memorable miles of coast & hill rides and a ton of commuting. I hit 2000 miles of riding for 2013 and that’s when I’d promised myself a new bike.

Lightning was to become my wet weather/winter bike and something lighter & faster would take her place as my main fair weather companion. I was torn between getting something straight away and taking advantage of sales of 2013 models or waiting until the Spring and buying something I would ride straight away.

In the end spotted a good price and decided to go for it even if the new ride would spend a few months lying idle in the garage. And so here it is, the new ride, a Giant Defy Composite 1…

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She doesn’t have a name yet. A few miles riding and learning more about one another will provide a moniker.

In the meantime it’s mudguards and winter tyres for Lightning.

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