Why ‘The Relentless Geek’?

Where did the name of this blog come from?

I’ve almost forgotten where I used the name initially, but I’m pretty sure it started with this blog. And now it’s a username/tag/ID that I use all over my social networks and the internet in general.

The ‘Geek’ part is fairly self explanatory. I am a geek.

The ‘Relentless’ part requires a little more explanation. As you can read elsewhere on the blog I am a relatively recent convert to a fit and healthy lifestyle. My journey to fitness has been hard at times. And there are always times during some workouts, when the it’s painful or there’s nothing left in the tank, when it would be easy to give up. For those times you need a way to get through, to keep going. For me, it’s a word and that word is RELENTLESS. Be relentless. I am relentless. I will be relentless. It’s my mantra.

So that’s it really. That’s me. The Relentless Geek.

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