Getting Going In 2012

A New Year. A new beginning. Or so they say.

Having managed my new trick of adding 2 or 3kg over the Christmas break, it’s obviously time for action. I suppose I could be more careful over the festive period and not overindulge to the level I always do, but that’s just not me. And it’s not about my goals when I set out to get fit back in 2009. I’m sure I could have lost the weight I did by abstaining more from the things I love – beer, curry, wine etc. – but I was determined to carry on enjoying what I enjoy. That’s not to say that I’m not far more sensible now about what I eat and drink than I was then, but I wanted to put fitness first and to burn off the calories rather than avoid them in the first place.

So, here I am again in a New Year, with a bit of extra weight. To make matters worse I was already up on the year going into to Christmas so I’ve actually gone quite a long way back. But it’s not all bad. I’m still fitter than I was and some of the weight is undoubtedly accounted for by extra muscle.

Taking all of this into account it’s time to set some goals for this year. Here are the things am going to do in 2012

  1. I’m not going to obsess over my weight. Weight in kg and BMI are crude measures. I have lost the 25 to 30kg that I set out to lose. I have some small Christmas love handles to get rid of and then it’s going to be all about the body that I want.
  2. Work on my upper body. Related to number 1, I am going to do a lot more varied exercise and pay a lot more attention to my upper body. Until now, all the working out I’ve done – walking, exercise bike, running, cycling – has targetted my legs and lower body. So, there’s going to be a lot more weights, heavy bag and general upper body workouts.
  3. Exercise less. This may sound an odd one, but I have always been prone to excess in everything I do and keeping fit is no exception. Spurred on my challenges on Endomondo and keeping up with friends I often overdo things. I have to remember that I’m not training for the Olympics and going over the top can have a negative effect on my body, my weight (overexercise leads to overeating IMO) and my motivation.
  4. Cycle more. For one reason or another, mostly injury, I didn’t ride much last year. This year I want to ride more. I’m still getting used to the road bike and still exploring it limits and my limits. I think there’s a lot more speed & enjoyment to come. Coupled to that I want to get the clip-on pedals back on it and try those out.
  5. Look more carefully at my diet. OK, so I said I didn’t want to give up my bon viveur dietary habits, but the fact is I have almost accidentally ended up eating a lot more healthily. It often comes down to the simple fact that after a few good days of exercise, when I can feel and see a difference in my body as well as measure a weight loss, I find myself reluctant to blow it all on a night of beer and curry. Really, then, this isn’t anything radical, just part of the progression.

That’s it then. I’ve done it. It’s all down in black & white (with a lovely accent of green). Come back in December and see how ell I’ve done. Or pop by again sooner and so how it’s going.

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