First Cycle Ride Of 2012

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A couple of photos of low-in-the-sky wintery sunshine from my first cycle ride of 2012. These were taken from the car park in front of the Rising Sun pub in Warsash looking across the River Hamble.

This was my first cycle ride since back at the start of November. A very cold day with a biting wind. Didn’t want to overstress myself (I was out running the day before) or the bike (it’s been sat lonely in the garage for 2 & 1/2 months) so just did a short local loop of 7-ish miles. Pace was somewhat less than my normal average, but it was good to be back on Lightning again 🙂 I think the road bike will continue to mock me with its potential speed, but I’ll continue to enjoy the occasional sweeping downhill bend and the surge of acceleration it’s capable of when I have enough in my legs to attack a hill.

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