27 Apr 2014

Life-Fitness Lessons: Accept failure

Failure is not the end. To be honest, if you haven’t failed at some point then you probably haven’t been trying hard enough. If you always take the safe path and stay well within your comfort zone
22 Apr 2014

Riding Further – Cycling in the New Forest on the 2nd G+ Cycling UK Community Ride

Here is my account of a 60 mile ride around the New Forest with a great bunch that I met on the Cycling UK community on Google+. My account lacks the eloquence, drama, epic proportions and perspective of
20 Apr 2014

Google+ Cycling UK Community Ride – April 2014 – Dave Holmes Ride Report (Part 3)

Make sure you check out Part’s 1 and 2 before you embark on the final leg of the journey. Having reached the part in the story where most of us were done and heading home by car
17 Apr 2014

Life-Fitness Lessons: If something isn’t working change it

This is slightly contrary to my Be Relentless mantra, but there has to come a point where you realise that something’s not working. What it’s then tempting to do is give up. But why not just change something?
13 Apr 2014

Google+ Cycling UK Community Ride – April 2014 – Dave Holmes Ride Report (Part 2)

Those who read Part 1 (and if you haven’t then I thoroughly recommend that you read it now) will recall that half man, half bike* Dave Holmes had left London pre-dawn and had arrived in the New Forest
10 Apr 2014

Google+ Cycling UK Community Ride – April 2014 – Dave Holmes Ride Report (Part 1)

April 5th saw a gathering in the Lyndhurst of folks from the Google+ “Cycling UK” Community for a group ride around the New Forest. This was the second such community ride. I was unfortunately unable to make
10 Apr 2014

Life-Fitness Lessons: Break a problem down

The ability to break things down works well for workouts as well as in everyday life. There’s a hill I ride quite often near Alresford. It’s called Ox Drove Way and is nearly 3 miles long. (There’s
7 Apr 2014

Five Years Of Fitness

Yesterday, the 6th April, was my fifth anniversary. It was on the 6th April 2009 that I took delivery of shiny new Reebok exercise bike from Argos. At the time I was reaching the end of my
17 Jan 2014

Review of 2013

So, that’s another year over. With Xmas & New Year celebrations done it’s time to look at how 2013 went from a health & fitness perspective. And, as it happens, it was a pretty good year. The
11 Nov 2013

Sports Tech: Clarks Road Brake Pads

Time for some new brakes for Lightning. Having mudguarded & winter tyred the Allez, I’ve been doing more than my normal amount of wet miles. This has highlighted just how worn the brakes had become.